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Having worked as a speechwriter in the Reagan Administration and as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Laura Ingraham is now a political analyst, commentator, and author of The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places, which was released in 2000. A contributing editor to and, she makes frequent appearances on Fox News Channel, CNN. Catch Laura from 8am-11am

Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey "News and Comment" and "The Rest of the Story" can be heard every Monday through Saturday. Paul Harvey News is the largest one-man network in the world, consisting of over 1200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations that broadcast around the world, and 300 newspapers. Paul Harvey's reach continues to broaden in the 21st Century, as "News and Comment" is streamed on the world wide web twice a day.

Dr. Laura
She's on approximately 300 stations with 12 million listeners . The second most popular radio talk show host in the country. “The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Program,” 11:00am - 2pm Weekdays.

Sean Hannity is based at WABC, New York, hosts the fastest growing talk show in radio today. He co-hosts "Hannity and Colmes" with Alan Colmes, nightly on the Fox News Channel. Sean works to "Hannitize" his listeners, and "three hours a day is all he asks." You'll hear Sean from 2pm-5pm, Monday thru Friday and then again from Midnight til 3am. 

Bill O'Reilly, America's number one cable network host, brings his "No Spin Zone" to your radio weekdays from 5pm-7pm

For those of you who don't know, Neal Boortz (that's me) has been a Talk Show Host (What Bill Clinton would refer to as a "Preacher of Hate") in Atlanta, Georgia since 1969. Right now I am closing in on four million listeners nationwide. Hey, that's not up to Limbaugh standards, but then I'm growing faster than he is. Politics? I'm a confirmed Libertarian. I believe that the principal difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats just want to grow our Imperial Federal Government a bit faster than the Republicans do. Yes, I'm married. My wife, Donna, doesn't listen to the show. Never has. This is good. My daughter, Laura, uses a fake last name. Another good idea. Oh, by the way. I think that Bill Clinton was the most corrupt and dishonest President we have ever suffered through in this country during my lifetime. If I had to say something nice about him I would say that he is more honest than his wife, and cuter. Well, that's something, I guess. Neal Boortz can be heard from 7-10pm, Monday thru Friday. And hear the "Best of Boortz" Saturday night from 9-midnight.